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Thanks for visiting the Georgia Dizzy Dean site. You will find all the info that you need here, to play Dizzy Dean baseball/softball. We encourage all organizations to “Come play with us”. Georgia Dizzy Dean is the largest state in the program with 2150 teams this year and growing even more next year. If you would like to become a Dizzy Dean sponsored recreational facility, please contact any of our board members for more information. We  are available at your request to come speak with your board  of directors, and to answer any questions that you may have.


It was decided unanimously by the Georgia National Executive Board to make a change to the interpretation of rule 15:03.

As of 11/13/15 the new Georgia ruling will be: Any player that leaves a Dizzy Dean park and plays at another Dizzy Dean park will be eligible to play all stars as long as the park President of the park they leave gives them a release to play.  We will provide the release form. A player may not change parks every year but may do so every other year.  If the President of the park they left will not give a release then the player will not be eligible to play all stars. Still, if a player did not play all stars last year they will be eligible to play at another park.

Email with any questions.

All player pitch age groups, upon the second mound visit by the manager, within the same inning, the pitcher will be removed.







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