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Thanks for visiting the Georgia Dizzy Dean site. You will find all the info that you need here, to play Dizzy Dean baseball/softball. We encourage all organizations to “Come play with us”.  If you would like to become a Dizzy Dean sponsored recreational facility, please contact any of our board members for more information. We  are available at your request to come speak with your board  of directors, and to answer any questions that you may have.



August 20th State Meeting has been postponed until September 10th. Still at the Robert's School in Acworth starting @ 3:00pm

Georgia Dizzy Dean Baseball - Important Information.

Game Times
CP - 1:15
9U & 10U - 1:30
11U - 12U - 1:45
14U - 2:00
*finish the inning when time limit is up.

Farm (5&6 – 7&8)
Chin straps not required.

Minors (9&10)
Bases will now be 65ft.
Leading off will now be allowed / stealing at any time
Dropped 3rd strike rule will be in effect

Pace of Play
2023 Pace - of - Play rules for Major League Baseball
will not apply to Dizzy Dean Baseball or Softball
Example: Pitch Clock, Limiting number of pick off attempts,
Stepping in and out of the batters box, etc.

2023 – 2024 Umpire Information
Umpire Certification Due Date is March 31st and the cost is $40 per umpire
April 1st or later the price will increase to $80 per umpire




Information for the upcoming 2023 season

  • Due to copyright/licensing issues, a physical patch will be required on the jersey.
  • Umpire Certification Due Date is March 31st and the cost is $40 per umpire
    • April 1st or later the price will increase to $80 per umpire










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